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Belli, Begli, Belle…? How Do We Choose

I am sure you have noticed in the past that the adjective “bello” changes to “belli” and other forms like “begli” when it’s found before the noun.

Let’s see how to choose and when to use it like that.

First of all, there are two cases: the adjective that comes before the noun (emphatic construction), and after the noun (descriptive function, describing thus the noun).

In this latter case, it works like any other adjective and, as a consequence, we will have:

  • viaggio bello;
  • casa bella;
  • viaggi belli;
  • case belle.

When instead it is found before the name, then it will take the same endings as the definite article. Let’s see what happens:

  • bella casa – la casa;
  • bell’amica – l’amica;
  • belle case – le case;
  • belle amiche – le amiche
  • bel cane – il cane;
  • bei cani – i cani;
  • bello stadio – lo stadio;
  • bell’amico – l’amico;
  • begli stadi o amici – gli stadi e gli amici

Easy peasy! All you have to do is thinking about which article you would normally choose, to know what to do with “be-“.

Here is a short exercise to practice:

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