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Italian Phrases With Body Parts

We have talked about Italian phrases about food (click), and animals (click). We have also talked about the importance of knowing phrases and local expressions to fully embrace and understand the culture.

So there’s more, obviously!

This time I have decided to create a list of phrases with body parts, instead.

Here is my list with eight phrases:

  • This one means that the result was well deserved and that it came after hard work.

  • In English this one means being a “foodie”, so someone that loves food, understands it, and appreciate the good quality of the ingredients!

  • Use this phrase to describe a person that is friendly, not arrogant, easy to talk to.

  • Never tell a secret to someone who “ha la lingua lunga”!
    We use this phrase to describe someone who talks too much, and goes around sharing other people’s secrets.

  • “Ci vuole naso” or “ci vuole fiuto”, it means that in order to succeed in a certain business or create a nice group of friends or getting the perfect house, you need a little bit of experience and intuition.

  • This one means that something is quite expensive and valuable, just like the eyes.

  • In English “you are my right hand”, in Italian it is “right arm”. This means that someone is your trusted person.

  • Being worried or stressed, so that your hair are (metaphorically or not) all messy, as if you had a little devil going up and done around your head. 😛

Now that you have read and absorbed the phrases, you can do these two exercises to test your (new) knowledge:

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