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“Bella Ciao” – The 25th Of April In Italy

Today we celebrate something in Italy, a very important festivity that we call “Liberazione”, liberation. From whom? From the Nazi.

“Bella Ciao” is a famous Italian folk song from the 19th century that was later adopted by the partisans to be sung as a song of protest against the Fascism. It came to be known as a song of freedom but it was only a few years ago, thanks to the Spanish Netflix show called Money Heist, that the song has had renewed popularity. “Resistance” is indeed a recurrent word in the series.

After that, the song has been sung all over the world in protests and peaceful fights against tyranny.

In these two activities, you will first do the listening (present and past tense verbs, level beginners) and then focus on the second activity that is answering some very easy history questions – just to have some cultural background!

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