Tips To Learn Italian: #3 Sing Along

TIP 3. Sing along!

Did you know that the easiest exercise to practice a language is using music, videos and songs? As a former lazy (sort of… -ish) teenager student, I did not particularly enjoy studying and doing my homework. It was only when I started translating and singing my favourite songs that my grades in English went from zero to hero in no time flat.

Image credits: Disney

I couldn’t resist – sorry.

I also remember when at school, back in 2001 we went through “Whenever wherever” (Shakira) with the teacher, and I can say I have never fogotten the meaning of the words “whenever” and “wherever” and thanks to that song, so I would say that sometimes music can be a very powerful tool to learn a language.

When we choose a song to practice a language, we learn without trying too hard: while we are simply following the lyrics, our brain is actually recording many elements. The more we listen to that song while following the lyrics and/or translating and singing, the more our brain gets used to those sounds, pronunciation, and words. In time we will have built a web of phrases that will pop up automatically the moment we will need them. Zero effort!

All you have to do is to go on youtube, type in the name of the singer, and then add “con testo”.

For example, Jovanotti – A te (con testo)