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Tips To Learn Italian: #6 Study regularly

TIP 6: Study regularly



You would be surprised to see how much difference it can make if you take 15 minutes a day off your day and spend it to revise some phrases or do some exercises. You can also just listen to songs on youtube (click here), google the lyrics and translating the song, so that if you cross a structure that you don’t know you can learn it or otherwise you will just see phrases in real contexts!

You can listen to the Italian radio (click per il link diretto), or watch Italian tv.

Lately Netflix is also adding some new tv series and movies in Italian, but the offer changes according to the country, so you have to check every time by typing “italiani” in the search engine in the Home.

Apart from that, you can practice on the famous website Babbel, or try with learning websites like Learningapps and Quizlet – these two are among the resources that I use myself.

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