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Learning to use “Magari”

Sounding like a native speaker can be a challenge but it gets easier when you know how to use some magic little words like magari, pronounced mah-gah-ree, that are so common in everyday communication but may be tricky in their translation.

This word will be topic of today’s post!

The word apparently originates from Sicily, Southern Italy, where the Greek estabilished their colony and would use the word “makarios” for “happy”.

“Magari” can be translated with “maybe/perhaps” in the example:

1) Magari vengo a casa tua più tardi. Maybe later I’ll come to visit you.

You can also use “magari” pretty much anywhere in a conversation just to add that you are happy to do something or you wish to do something:

2) Si è fatto tardi… magari andiamo a casa? It’s getting gate… shall/maybe we should/why don’t we go home?

Magari finally means “if only/I wish/why not?” in the example:

3) “Se vinco la lotteria compro una casa.” “Eh… magari!”. “If I win the lottery I will buy a house.” “Eh… if only!”


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