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No Cheese With Seafood Pasta Rule: Pronominal Verbs

Self-respecting Italians don’t like parmesan cheese on seafood pasta. Since seafood has a delicate flavour, the strong flavour of cheese would cover good quality fresh seafood.

I must admit I do have a couple of Italian friends who sprinkle cheese on seafood pasta, but it is only done but very few people, and at home. If you ask the waiter to bring you parmesan cheese to sprinkle seafood pasta expect him/her to look at you as if you were crazy.


Here is a videocomprehension with a video, once again, by Casa Surace (you can watch the full video here, I highly recommend it!!) that gives you an idea of how real Italians see cheese on pasta.

The second exercise is for pre-intermediate students and it is about how to use one of the “pronominal verbs” – verbs built using pronouns – the verb farcela. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Completa adesso la coniugazione del verbo farcela, partendo dal dialogo.


Ricky: Pasquì, ma sei serio? Ha detto trappola mortale!


Pasquì: Ricky, mi dispiace, non ce la faccio. (I’m sorry, Ricky, I can’t do this)


Io ce la faccio

Tu ce la fai

Lui/lei/Lei ………..

Noi …………..

Voi ………….

Loro …………

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