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Difference Between Sapere & Conoscere

Have you read my post on the difference between the Italian verbs “abitare” and “vivere” (click to read)? In the post I explain the difference between two common Italian verbs, but today I will focus on two other verbs, that confuse many students just like the other two: “sapere” and “conoscere”.

Sapere: passive knowledge or practical knowledge (know how)

1) “sapere” conjugated + verb at the infinitive = ability to do something.

Maria sa nuotare molto bene = she can swim very well

2) (non) + “sapere” conjugated + (indirect question) = introducing or implying an indirect question, where you know or don’t know something

Non lo so = I don’t know (what you asked me)

Scusi, sa dov’è la stazione? = Excuse me, do you know where the station is?

Conoscere: active knowledge

1) To know by experience or study.

Conosco Roma = I know Rome

Conosco Giovanni = I know Giovanni

Conosco bene l’arte moderna = I know modern art very well

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Level: beginner

The intermediate students can go to this link (link )

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