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Learn Italian With Songs: Michele Bravi – “L’Inverno Dei Fiori” + Preposizioni BIO

This song is from the Festival of Sanremo of 2022, which happened a couple of months ago in Sanremo, Liguria.

I have mentioned in the past that this Festival is very important in the Italian music tradition and that it is generally a show about the Italian culture: fashion, design, music and arts.

I have chosen to work on one of the songs that was sung by this young singer, Michele Bravi.

He mentioned that during the pandemic many things have changed in our life, but one thing is for sure and it is the need of people to communicate, find a common ground. He imagined this can be represented by the roots of two plants, that can be united together.

In the first activity you will find his bio and an interactive exercise on prepositions. In the second exercise you will find the song with a fill-in-the-gaps and the periodo ipotetico. So this activity is for intermediate students.

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