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5 Italian Idioms About Animals pt.2

Five was definitely not enough, so today I have come back with 5 more phrases for you to learn 🙂

1) Non c’è trippa per gatti (There is no tripe for cats)

Used especially in the Romam area, in a city famous for its love for cats. In fact, the dubbing voice of Thomas O’Malley from the Aristocats has a strong Roman accent as he names himself “So’ Romeo… er meglio del Colosseo” in dialect (I’m Romeo, the best of the Colosseum).


When you use this phrase, you mean that there is no hope to get what you or somebody else wants.

2) Dirlo a cani e porci (Saying something to dogs and pigs)

This phrase means that you are sharing something private with every possible listener.


3) Essere a cavallo (To be on the horse)

Horses can go quite fast. When you say “siamo a cavallo!” it means that you have finally found the solution to your problem – we’ve made it.



4) Far vedere i sorci verdi (to show/let someone see green rats)

This expression comes from Mussolini times, when rats were used in war as a symbol by a squadron. It then became part of Italian everyday language and means that you are warning someone of their likely defeat. i.g Ti farò vedere i sorci verdi.


5) Prendere due piccioni con una fava (to take two doves with one board bean)

It means to solve two problems with one single action. i.g “Mi hanno invitata a un matrimonio in Olanda e poichè ho sempre voluto andare lì, ho preso due piccioni con una fava e ho accettato!”

I hope you enjoyed these two posts – that’s all for now! 😀

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