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Pasta Alla Norma: Past Irregular Verbs (videocomprehension)

“Pasta alla Norma” is a Sicilian dish – and one of my favourites! – made with fried aubergines, tomato sauce, and topped with grated “ricotta salata” a hard cheese that is very unique. The result is a simple yet yummy dish!

In this videocomprehension, the Italian television host Benedetta Parodi, explains how to prepare your Pasta Alla Norma in her cooking show “I menu di Benedetta”.

There are three activities: in the first one you discover the infinitive of the cooking verbs that you will hear in the video. In the second activity you select the correct answer for the past verbs from the video. Lastly, you can find out a bit more about the story behind the dish, and why it is called “Norma” (… does the name ring a bell? Opera experts will definitely know!)

Ready to get hungry? 🙂

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