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“Che tempo fa?” – How To Describe The Weather In Italian

How do you talk about the weather in Italian?

First of all, weather is called “tempo”, the same word that we use for “time”.

Tempo = “wather” and “time”.

Here is a list of phrases that will teach you how to do that:

1) Che tempo fa? / Com’è il tempo? = what’s the weather like?

i.g: “Com’è il tempo da te?”

2) Fa freddo (fa molto freddo; fa freddissimo): it’s cold


Fa caldo: it’s hot

3) Piove / Sta piovendo: it’s raining


C’è un temporale: there’s a thunderstorm

4) Nevica / sta nevicando: it’s snowing

5) C’è vento: it’s windy

6) è nuvoloso: it’s cloudy

I have prepared an interactive activity for you to practice these phrases once you study this list, and a second one with the phrases in the context of a dialogue! 🙂

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